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How does craniosacral help kids, young adults?

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Does your youngster/young adult have frequent sore tummies for no known reason? Perhaps they have become angry, frustrated, withdrawn or just feel sad a lot.

When stress, fear and/or anxiety are triggered by an event, whether that event be real or imagined, the body can get stuck in the alarm (fight/fright/freeze) response and can be exceptionally hard to reset the stress response back to a place of calm.

The nervous system is where the body and brain/mind reflect and support each other. Therefore it’s, important to address the whole body, i.e. connective tissue and the neurological system to help correct mental, emotional & physiological/chronic and acute conditions.

Maureen helps 5 to 19 years to feel relaxed and help them look inside their bodies to see where they are holding their stress, anger or as some youngsters say where they “feel buzzed out”. By creating a safe environment to help them get to a place of stillness, their body will show them where they are holding their stress and big feelings.

The main tool or technique is Craniosacral Therapy. One of the best known, earlier applications of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) also known as (CST) is with new-born babies and young children1,2,3, though success has been across all age groups. Interestingly in some parts of Europe, Craniosacral Therapy is used in hospitals.

As there is no physical manipulation it can provide a safe and gentle approach to a persons’ overall well-being, as follows.

By creating a safe and nurturing environment, Craniosacral Therapy helps to balance and quiet the autonomic nervous system from the fight/fright/freeze to a state of reset and digest where the body can repair and heal naturally. By using a gentle touch at the cranial base, any compression on the nerves are released. By working with the chest and/or spine area, breathing also becomes easier and tensions are released. Other tools such as abdominal breathing or various Chi Kung (which is similar to Tai Chi) moves may be used, which also helps prevent escalation to more intense feelings or depression.

There is feedback during and after a session together with follow up within 24 to 48 hours after a session.

Craniosacral Therapy has helped many people of all ages to:

Restore a sense of calm where the fight/flight/freeze response has been switched on for a long period. This could be due to trauma or stress relating to accidents, injuries, illness, or perhaps poor sleep, exams, change of environment etc.

Maureen has access to I AM HOPE funding for 5 to 19 years.



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