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Mind-Body Connection

Mind-Body connection is an exciting subject and one that I have been researching for decades, due to my own health issues that I experienced years ago.

Mind-Body simply means that our thoughts and emotions can positively or negatively affect our physiological function. In other words our minds can affect how healthy or stressed our bodies feel. Even our posture can impact our mental state.

Anyone remember this from Peanuts cartoons?

Image result for peanuts cartoons feeling depressed'

Dr. James Gordon, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, one of the world's leading experts in mind-body medicine and Founder for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine states that the mind and body are inseparable, whereby the nervous system and other bodily systems together with the emotional responses are constantly communicating with each other. 

Candace Pert Ph.D (a neuroscientist and researcher in mind-body medicine) in her book Molecules of Emotion, scientifically identified molecules called neuropeptides which are essentially chemical carriers. These molecules are the communication or language between the mind, body and emotions. When we experience a negative emotion, the molecules (neuropeptides) trigger physiological changes. Resistance then triggers our stress response, and as the saying goes, "What we resist, persists".

Just recently (March 2016) I also checked out a video interview, where Bruce Lipton (Ph.D and leader in cell biology) explained that emotional stress is part of the cells environment. He also mentioned that scientific evidence now supports that stress and how we react to that stress (i.e. mind-body) is creating inflammation, which in turn is creating disease.

And if what Candace Pert found earlier and other experts are agreeing to, everything we think, feel, say and do, contributes to our health - either positively or negatively. Everyday, then we have a new canvas which to create health.