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Bodi Balance

Bodi Balance program

Bodi Balance has two options, depending on the level of your chronic/long-term health concerns.

Bodi Balance Gold is designed around 12 x 60 minute weekly appointments (optimum, though appointments can vary between one or two weeks to suit you). Bodi Balance Gold may be suitable if you are experiencing:

  • long-term stress?
  • anxiety or panic attacks and nothing seems to help?
  • on-going physical pain?
  • long-term health conditions?
If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, then Bodi Balance Gold may help you.

Bodi Balance Silver is designed around 8 x 60 minute weekly appointments. Bodi Balance Silver may be more suitable if you are experiencing emotional or physical stress around a specific event; such as an outcome from accidents. Clients have reported an improvement in their overall symptoms, i.e. a reduction in pain, which they have been putting up with for many years.

Please note, if you respond to the therapy earlier, then the balance can be used for 60 minute maintenace (Wof) sessions. Gold is valid for 12 months and Silver is valid for 6 months from your initial session.

Also refer to Client Results.

If you are feeling okay overall, though want to maintain your health and manage stress levels please refer to Bodi Wellness