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Stress affects the whole mind-body, so if you have headachespalpitations and other inflammatory dis-ease or sleepless nights, stomach and digestive disorders etc, complete a self-check (refer to How to Identify Stress) and/or consult your health practitioner.

In stressful situations the sympathetic system gives you an extra kick of adrenaline and prepares you to ‘fight or take flight’. The parasympathetic allows you in non-stressful situations to 'rest and digest'. However, if you experience repeated bursts of stress or stressful situations where your nervous system is unable to cope, you may develop panic attacks, rapid heartbeat, migraines, stomach upsets etc.

When the mind or body is overwhelmed it may need assistance to return to balance. This is where Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can be very useful, with it being an exceptionally gentle, safe yet evidence based method to improve health. It has also been used globally and extensively and is now being recognised for its ability to help resolve issues for that are not helped by other means. 

Also refer to Bodi Health Concerns where Bodi Wellness may help you.


Below is an animated video by Dr ​Mike Evans that may also help you learn how to cope with stress, courteous of Health Navigator NZ.