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What is Stress?


Below is and excerpt of an article written for The Weekend Sun, Bay of Plenty and included on The Wellness Directory website 19 Nov 2015.

"Stress can be defined as any change where you need to adapt and if left unmanaged can have an accumulative effect that may lead to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. Symptoms can include though not limited to; insomnia, worry, high blood pressure, headaches, exhaustion, painful joints or stomach problems like indigestion and GERD. Babies may show signs of stress/distress such as colic. Workplace stress may see productivity drop and employees taking more sick days to cope.

Did you know that the first major research on stress found that any problem imagined or real can cause the thinking part of the brain (cerebral cortex) to send an alarm to your main switch in the brain responsible for the stress response (hypothalamus). The hypothalamus then triggers your sympathetic nervous system to make some not so sympathetic changes in your body, such as ...to read the full article please click here