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Stay Sane this Christmas

Stay Sane this Christmas-333

Two Simple Tips to Stay Energised Throughout the Festive Season

With the festive season almost upon us – check your energy levels versus time management with these 5 to 10 minute tips, because you are always worth 5 minutes, or more!

MINDFULNESS – Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – 5 mins
How to balance your mind and body to reduce tension!
  1. Find a comfortable position, preferably seated. Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes from the belly.
  2. Now focus attention on how your body feels.
  3. Do you notice any tingling, heat, cold, buzzing or tightness anywhere in your body?
  4. Can you identify exactly where in your body you feel this? Examples - legs, arms, throat, tummy
  5. Some people may notice colours, sounds, revisit past experiences – does this resonate for you?
  6. Do you notice how your body feels now? Does it feel energised, tense, or perhaps tired? Is it aching, numb? 
  7. What is your interpretation of the feelings, thoughts, sounds etc.? Acknowledge these without judgement, take another deep breath and let it all go!

ABDOMINAL BREATHNG – Chi Kung – 10 mins
Slow your breathing, improve your health and feel more energised!

An interesting concept relating to the breath as follows; Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ayurvedic world teach that our life duration is measured in the number of breaths, with a relationship between how fast you breathe and how long you live. 

A study1 a few years ago suggested the average volume of air can be increased by up to 50% after 10 or 15 minutes of deep abdominal breathes and improves energy levels and reduce stress. So that must be a motivation and a good thing!
  1. Inhale though your nose and imagine carrying your breath down to your toes – you should see you abdomen rise versus your chest
  2. Hold your breath for up to 5 seconds then relax and exhale by pulling your tummy abdominals in and breathe out through your mouth. Ensure you fully empty your lungs of stale air.
  3. Repeat the steps above.
REFS: By studying yoga and qigong practitioners, along with current scientific reports, Campbell, who with Al Lee co-authored 'Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time,' discovered that 10 or fewer deeper, slower breaths per minute is best for overall health. 

Are you or your family feeling stressed, anxious? Are School exams getting you down, caring for parents and coping with the up and coming Festive Season? Then check out the new paradigm – Energy Management (Self -Management) versus Time Management. We cannot manage the minute hand, as time is man-made, though we can renew our energy from the inside out.

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