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Relaxin' Tip - Lavender



Relax and ease the stress away while soaking in a nice warm bath on these chilly evenings. Create your own divine, relaxing bath bombs with the ingredients already pre-packaged for your convenience.  Now that has to be a winner!
The pack below is a creative idea Courtesy of Bethlehem Health & Tea, SH 2, Tauranga

One pack contains:
* 1 cup aluminium free baking soda
* ½ cup citric acid
* ½ cup epsom salts
* 1 tsp lavender flowers infused with extra lavender essential oil
* 4 tsp coconut oil
* bath bomb mould

Place all of the dry ingredients in a bowl, and mix them.
In a separate container, warm the coconut oil (it is a good idea to keep some in the hot water cupboard) or put in a cup in a hot water bath. Add 2 tsp water to the oil.
Slowly mix the liquid ingredients with the dry ingredients, spoonfuls at a time.

After it is well mixed, you can tightly pack the mixture into a bath bomb mould. Work quickly to keep it from drying out, otherwise you may need to add a little water, then leave to dry overnight.