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Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking - source Pexel

Mindfulness is basically focusing your attention on the present moment in a non-judgmental way and is a useful tool to reduce anxiety and stress. Mindfulness is also used by athletes to help them improve and concentrate on their game.

Humour is another useful tool to reduce anxiety and stress. I like to be creative, have fun and keep things simple, so in this exercise we look at a fun three-step method that will help "unscramble" your anxiety, include a form of exercise and sure to make you smile as well.

Allow yourself 10 to 20 minutes, put on some comfortable clothes for walking and off we go!

Breathing naturally, take a deep breath begin.

  1. Intentionally focus your mind on your buttocks by squeezing your glutes as if you were holding a $100.00 note between the cheeks

  2. Step out with your left foot

  3. As your left foot touches the ground still focusing your mind on your buttocks, say to yourself "glutes". Extend the word so you finish as your right foot touches the ground.

Repeat the three steps above until you have completed your walk. If you find your thoughts drifting, just bring your focus back to your mind and body and repeat the sequence.

Use this mindfulness walking exercise at every opportunity. As well as feeling more relaxed you will have an added bonus of a firmer butt and fun along the way.

Wishing you a healthier and relaxing life :)