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A Journey - Time in Motion

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"A photo captures a moment in time -  video captures time in motion"


Sometimes when you are on your own in business you can become overwhelmed or just plain anxious to take the next step. Having someone that can support you and even challenge you can be one of your best ‘tools’. It can also be a win-win, rewarding experience and make all those involved grin like a Cheshire cat.

It was a few years ago when Robyn and I met for the first time through a mutual friend. At that stage Robyn had been in her own business for approximately 10 years full-time as a video recording artist specialising in weddings. Having a chat over dinner it became clear Robyn was passionate, talented and although successful was seriously undervaluing her talents. Not being the type to hold back I asked a few questions, received a few answers and followed up with a couple of challenging though still supportive emails. Luckily for me that also started our friendship, which is exciting as I have been able to share Robyn’s journey.

Today Robyn is a sought after video recording artist (Queenstown Wedding Video) for weddings and although based in Queenstown, her business takes her on the road nation-wide. The changes that Robyn made in her business in the last four years since has paid huge dividends with her latest client being the daughter of Richard Wilkins (TV Presenter for Nine Network and Today). Approximately a year or so ago she filmed All Black Ben Smith’s wedding to Katie Menzies...sorry for the name dropping here! If you check Robyn's website (below) you will see videos of many other blissfully happy couples.

Oh yes... Robyn just recently wrote the following which makes 'Yours Truly' grin like that Cheshire cat.

 “…Thank you for your uplifting words that night over dinner and only you and I know, I named my top package after you……….You gave me the courage to value myself more. I have now booked many M Works packages since that night and every one of those couples loved what I created for them...”
If you would like to read more, check out Robyn Shearwood, http://queenstownweddingvideo.co.nz I am sure you will be inspired.