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Young Persons' Results

Traumatic events affect us all in some form or another. Here is a story that Jayden's Mum would like to share.

"My son had an operation to begin the process of 'building' an external ear - all plastic surgery - using cartilage from his ribcage. Since the operation he often seemed upset, tearful and I thought he had lost a lot of confidence.

Since having Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy I have noticed many changes in Jayden - really only since his third and final visit.  He is definitely in a more relaxed place within himself - less emotionally stressed which has produced a much calmer and more reasonable boy.  He is happier, more confident and happily getting on with everyone else around him so much better than he was managing to do so since his operation.  He seemed nervous and hesitant post operation but now he is back to his usual buoyant, friendly, cheeky and explorative self.  I think he has definitely moved through the process of clearing the anaesthetic from his system much quicker than would otherwise have been possible.

I am so relieved and happy to see him back to enjoying life with a positive and confident outlook. Thank you so very much for your generous supply of yourself and your care and concern for Jayden." ~ N.M, Auckland 

"My son is feeling much calmer these days and has the ability now to deal with anger if and when it arises - in fact he actually doesn't melt down like he used to. He really enjoyed his visits to Maureen and said "it feels like nothing, but it works!!!"

He is so far improved from where he was last year, thank you Maureen, he's growing into his own and so loving. I got my boy back!!!" T.H. Tauranga
"Since my daughter has been seeing Maureen, she is clearly more relaxed, less stressful and much happier. Grace loves going to Maureen and I love the results I see in her. Thank you Maureen." E.B. Bay of Plenty

Three year old Jacob was experiencing anxiety and extremely hard to get to bed let alone to sleep as he was reluctant to leave Mum's side. He would only sleep in Mum and Dad's bed, though sleeping fitfully waking up periodically throughout the night. 

This is the response from Jacob's Mum. 

" After the first session Jacob went off to bed and we had a full nights sleep.  The biggest success for us is that he now goes to bed and stays in bed and we don't have the battle of 11pm nights any more.  Our son had been like this from the day he was born and we are starting to feel human again. I had forgotten what it was like to have a full night sleep, the body isn't use to that, it's been so long."  ~J.C, Auckland (Jacob had three sessions in total).

NOTE: Maureen specialises in stress and anxiety affecting 6 to 16 year old, (plus adults) though will see children under 5 years if there are no alternatives in your area.

" I had been suffering bouts of intense dizzy spells for several months and no one could seem to find the reason for them. As well as the dizzy spells I also had a problem with weak ankles that interfered with my sporting performance.

It has been 10 months since having a number of sessions with Maureen, the dizzy spells have not returned and I no longer experience pain in my ankles.

I was 13 at the time and not sure what to expect, though Maureen was friendly and professional describing everything she was doing, which made me feel relaxed during each session." ~ Jaron (14yrs), Auckland