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Client Results

"I can highly recommend Maureen as an incredible professional intuitive practitioner. Her skills and experience has helped me in many ways of getting my body back into balance after several tooth extractions and grief in my life.

She is easy to talk to and makes you feel totally at ease and has insightful tips on how to help one self after the appointment too. I'm so grateful for all that she has done for me and highly recommend her to anyone with any issues. Thank you Maureen" ~ Rowena, Bay of Plenty

"After having suffered from mild asthma since the birth of my first child 15 years ago and since then upon exercising, I am proud to say that I have not had any further signs of having any breathing problems since receiving craniosacral therapy with Maureen at Bodi Wellness.

I have not touched an inhaler since, and I feel free of emotional grief that was sitting on my chest as well.

This is only one of the amazing benefits from working with Maureen. From receiving craniosacral therapy for the first time ever, I am amazed at its gentle effectiveness in getting rid of years and years of emotional garbage which in turn affects our health. I have learned how the mind, emotions and physical are TRULY intermingled as one, and how in complete gentleness anything that is not assisting us in life can be let go of. I thank Maureen with all my heart for choosing this path in helping others, and I will continue to use this therapy on myself on a regular basis as well as for my family. Thank you Maureen!" ~  Ellyn Brunskill, Business Director, Tauranga

"With a rough start to life from birth, I endured a rare heart problem that was cured at 12 years of age with open heart surgery.  The result of the surgery was a new beginning for me, and the end of my life threatening illness, but I developed intense pounding and white out migraines that various Doctors could only prescribe pain killer drugs and no answers.  

A session with Maureen is difficult to describe, and I can imagine it is different for everyone, but for me it seemed like a swirl of brief flashbacks and I could feel the stress melting away. 

The second session seemed to bring up more trauma almost subconsciously, to finally let go of.  The sessions were comforting and deeply meditative.  After 4 sessions in total and initially being skeptical, it has been 2 months of freedom from the dreaded migraines that were happening frequently over 20 years, and I feel like I am coping so much better with the daily stresses of work and life.  Thanks Maureen for a surreal healing with unbelievable results!  :) ~ 
Lisa, Whakamarama

"I started having panic attacks with overwhelming anxiety and fear. I had heart palpitations, felt I was losing control and had a fear of dying. I was so frightened on one occasion I phoned for an ambulance.

On a recommendation I made an appointment with Maureen at her clinic for some Craniosacral sessions. Maureen was very professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

My panic attacks subsided after two sessions and after five sessions I am happy to say I have not experienced another attack and have regained control of my life. It is great to be feeling good – thanks so much Maureen." ~ A.P.M, Auckland

   "The example below highlights how serious constipation over many days can be affected by stress. In turn this can have an impact on productivity and absenteeism. In this instance Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy was used to help improve the both the mental and physical symptoms.

"It's amazing how stress can impact your body. 

I had some work-related issues happening and found I was bottling stuff up - literally! I experienced the discomfort of needing to go and just couldn't. The frustration was huge. After one session with Maureen from the Bodi Wellness Clinic, my body was back to normal. Although I chose to have one more session. Thank you for your help Maureen, the relief is immense." ~ Karen, Auckland

  "I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a year ago with my first major attack resulting in double vision, numb feet and balance issues.

When I started sessions with Maureen I could not feel any sensation at all, but now I can tickle my feet and have some feeling. Although this seems to be only temporary at the moment, this is very important to me as mostly my feet feel numb and to feel some sensation makes me aware they are `alive’.

The cranio helped to settle my balance issues so I was able to continue my daily morning walks and therefore keep my body moving. I find the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy very relaxing and helpful with my condition." ~ Alison Watt, Auckland

Pure Chi in the workplace addresses stressstress-related symptoms plus more. Khyber was working in a customer service centre and very keen to be part of a test pilot offering a six month study of Elemental Chi Kung.  After the first few sessions he realised his posture at work was adding to some of the health problems that affected his cricket and work. These included hunched shoulders and stiff knee joints. In addition he had also suffered severe migraines which meant more sick days off than he would like. Khyber also received craniosacral sessions for his migraines.

"...I have had migraine for years, ever since I can remember, perhaps since early childhood. After 6 months of weekly Elemental Chi Kung lessons I have a greater body awareness. No longer having hunched up shoulders means less tension. Various Chi moves highlighted digestive problems and I began noticing food in-tolerances that I was not initially aware of and how these were triggering my migraines. These were products such as egg, raw onions and most dairy.

Now I know how I can feel, I am more willing to have a healthy lifestyle including jogging and light exercises. Maureen also provided some instructions so I can regularly practice Pure Chi at home.

I feel more confident and somewhat worry free than ever before, thanks to the knowledge you have and the passion that you show in your work. It has turned me into a slightly different  `me' and of course a healthier one. Thank you Maureen!!" ~ Khyber, Auckland

NOTE: Pure Chi is no longer offered in the workplace, though Chi Kung exercises are integrated into your session, where relevant.

Also refer to What Clients Say> Young Persons regarding benefits experienced.