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One Amazing Centurion!

For some of us completing a 100 metre sprint in 40 seconds sounds like hard work. Well how about achieving it in 39.3 seconds at the age of 95.

Below is one of the inspirational stories from my collection and reproduced with permission below.

One Amazing Centurion!

Our amazingly wonderful ultra-fit Rose Jacob, 100 years old and still using Acacia Park's rowing machine on exercise days!

Rose was asked to enter The Master Games in 2001 by her local gym. She went on to win many medals by participating in walking, sprinting and indoor rowing covering most areas in New Zealand, Dunedin, Whanganui and Hamilton.

One of her records at 95 years old was a 100 metre sprint in 39.3 seconds! Rose with her tinkling laughter said "It felt more like a jog than a sprint!"

Rose continued till the ripe old age of 99 years old of eventing and winning medals in a 5km walk, Indoor rowing in 500m, 1000m and 2000m. She has been made an honorary member now.

And if that isn't enough, until only a few years ago she was still Scottish dancing. Maybe we can all take a hint from Rose and her health longevity! Another tip she proudly tells us all is to eat blueberries every day for breakfast.

Here is Rose doing the splits along the edge of the Waikato River at the ripe old age of 97.Amazing! We are so proud of her.  

Acacia Omelette

Reference credits:
Original article taken from Omokoroa Print & Copy’s newspaper – ‘The Omokoroa Omelette’ from the (volume 13 issue 1) March 2015 newspaper, Page 27, Article from Acacia Park